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The Atkins Diet

According to the Atkins Diet website, following a low carb diet can promote weight loss by causing your body to burn more calories than it normally does
Diseases and Conditions

How to get rid of Black Neck

Definitive Guide on How to get rid of Black Neck (Acanthosis Nigricans) and armpits. Information on causes, diagnosis, treatment and home remedies.
Diseases and Conditions

Eyelash mites

Diseases and Conditions

Ischial Bursitis

What is Ischial Bursitis? Symptoms, Anatomy, Causes, Treatment, Risk factors, Pain management, Exercises and Healing process. This condition causes you to have pain...
Diseases and Conditions

Bruising Easily

What are the causes of bruising easily and How to treat them. Many people are worried about the fact that they bruise easily. However, before you panic, it is important...

Do Eyelashes Grow Back

Why do eyelashes fall, Do Eyelashes grow back if they fall out, burned, after plucking, when cut, after chemo. How to make your eyelashes grow faster and how long does it take?